Why Your Facebook Ad Was Not Approved And How To Fix It?

8 min readJul 19, 2021


Isn’t it painful when your Facebook ad is not approved after burning brain cells all day and night? It gets daunting.

Especially when you are creating an ad for e-commerce. Facebook ads are crucial for e-commerce stores because they target the specific audience as per business needs that helps build a long-term relationship with the customers. It’s necessary to have a connection with the customers today.

People spend more time online now. Then why not take advantage of that fact and have more conversions.

But then you get a mail that the Facebook ad is rejected. And everything goes haywire. After going through the hard work of coming with an awesome ad and then getting denial for some senseless reason. It gets difficult to analyze and understand what you need to do to get it done correctly.

Never mind it will get easier from now on, as in this article you are going to understand how Facebook ads work and what you can do to prevent your ads from getting rejected.

So let’s see how Facebook ad policies work first.

Review Of Facebook Ad Policies

Facebook wants users to spend more time on the platform. The more users on the platform the more advertisers will come. As a result, there will be more advertisers willing to spend money there.

So the user experience is extremely important for them and to make sure users enjoying on the platform Facebook has strict ad policies. Keeping an eye on the users, Facebook has over 7 million people that spend money on advertisements. It’s a massive amount of people running ads on the platform.

Compared to the advertisers the ads team of Facebook is a tiny amount of people. So we need to understand how much of a work it is to approve ads from 7 million people.

As numerous people are advertising on the platform Facebook uses automation to make the process easier and quicker. The algorithm scans the ads and approves or rejects them as per policies.

So how long will it take to get your ads approved?

Usually, if Facebook sees that your ad supports their policies, it can happen within 24 hours. But sometimes it can take more time as well. Facebook reviews everything. The image, the ad account, and the authoritativeness. Even after keeping everything in check, the approval can take time. So stay calm and have faith.

Why Is Your Facebook Ad Is Getting Rejected?

Keep in mind that for Facebook user experience is the number 1 priority. So while designing ads you should also think about the users that are going to see the ads.

If the content in the ad is user-friendly then surely Facebook will have no problem in allowing them to run. However, you may still have problems approval from Facebook because there may be hundreds of reasons:

Overload Of Text In Images

Facebook will penalize you if your ad image consists of too much text. It hampers the reach, resulting in less exposure. There are 4 levels of text in the Facebook ads. These levels determine whether your ad is compatible with the policies or violating them.

  1. Ok
  2. Low
  3. Medium
  4. High

You need to keep the text in the “Ok” category. The rule is to use 20 % of the text in the image and it’s the only way you have to dodge Facebook from reducing your ad’s reach.

It also boosts engagement. Minimalism is attractive. Better user experience will indirectly help you because Facebook will promote your ads to more users as it is boosting user experience. So carefully use the image and check it before publishing the ad.

Utilizing “Facebook” As A Word

Well, this may be the most moronic rule Facebook has imposed. Because Facebook doesn’t like using the word “Facebook” in the ads. Yes, read it again if you don’t believe it.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use it. You can, just make sure it

  • Has F in capital
  • The word Facebook should be in the same font size and style as the sentence around it.

Yes, it sounds stupid but it can stop you from getting approval. So Don’t mess with “ Facebook. “

Age Restricted Content

This is one of the common reasons why Facebook ads get a denial. Using age-restricted things in the ads. Facebook strictly disagrees with content that violates rules related to age. You should know the local laws of the place before running the ad on Facebook. It is necessary because it damages the Facebook user experience.

If you want to run an ad on alcoholic materials in the UK but don’t know the standard rule of alcohol consumption there then, Facebook won’t allow that. As a human being, you should know the laws of areas where you want your ads to be seen.

Facebook allows it if it is done in a way that matches the policy. People run different kinds of ads such as dating and gambling but they do it in a way that doesn’t even damage the policies a bit.

No Before and After Pictures

Facebook finds it offensive when you use before and after images. It implies people are seeing derogatory information. It is a strict rule that you aren’t allowed to use any kind of image that has six-pack abs, hair transplant, or any body parts.

Fitness trainers are going to have a hard time creating Facebook ads.

You can say that’s total crap but unfortunately, it’s a rule, hope it will change in the future.

Misleading Content

You should not put content that guides users to the wrong path. As an advertiser, it’s your responsibility too. You want to generate more sales and gather customers then provide them valuable content that will not misguide them.

Stop click baiting them with “ 5 steps to reduce belly fat in 20 days” or “30-day challenge to make you rich “. These are false and unrealistic claims that generate false hopes in the user’s mind. You should understand how much damage it can cause if the result you are showing in your ad is unattainable.

It’s unethical in a certain way because you are doing wrong with people and Facebook does not tolerate this for a second.

No Personal Attacks

The Facebook ad consists of a copy. A copy is a content and it should be polite and positive. Remember user experience. If you are judging, insulting, or imposing the users by your ad copy with “ Are you a girl then you will definitely love our products”, “ If you are suffering from stress then check out our services” or “ Best products for men that are 40.”

Read these yourself and don’t you find it humiliating? Because it is humiliating. It implies directly onto customers, making them uncomfortable and unwell. It sounds creepy to customers. Making assumptions about customers is like attacking them.

Instead, go another way around. Educate them, make them feel relatable. Such as “ Our products are designed in such a way that will be useful to most girls”, “Our unique services relieve stress and you can be hassle-free at all times. “

Keep customers and their wellness in mind.

Exploiting Other’s Rights

This consists of copyrights, trademarks, personal rights, and proprietary rights. You can’t use content that you don’t have any rights on. Use content which you own or have total rights on.

People get rejected when they use logos of the brands and think they had put everything correctly but why am I getting denial still? So don’t be like those people and avoid this silly mistake.

No Political Agenda’s

Facebook strictly prohibits the promotion of political affairs on the platform. It receives negative attention from people which can lead to more conflict. Especially if the content promotes gun rights or provokes certain people of a community.

Because In 2016, Facebook was notorious for promoting political matters by many users on the platform. Since then Facebook has made the policies more strict that will not have any kind of content which is offensive in any form.

You Stole The Ad copy From Somewhere

If you have stolen the ad copy from other platforms then Facebook will not allow that. Facebook wants you to have ad copy that is plagiarism-free, unique, and not copied word to word from somewhere.

Find your USP and create a copy around it, so that you don’t need to steal from someone. Otherwise, hire a copywriter that will make your job easier.

Don’t Copy Facebook Features

If you are mimicking Facebook features, then you are telling that you are part of the company or you are just using Facebook’s attractive design to attract customers. Facebook will instantly cancel your ad. Put a little effort into your ads, make something that is precisely describing your business.

Be Transparent About Your Products/Services

You should not fake anything on your ad copy. The customers should have a clear idea of what you want to sell. They should not feel that they are going to get something for free. Hence, Explain everything about your services/product so that there’s no room for any confusion or misunderstanding.

No Nudity

Over the board exposure of body parts is not permitted. No cleavage show, no physique show. This makes sense as there are a large number of young children on Facebook who can get distracted by such things easily.

Don’t put nudity into ads unless you love getting rejections from Facebook.

What Can You Do If Your Facebook Ad is Not Approved?

So your ad gets rejected and you are wondering what to do about it. So Facebook gives you two ways to make your ad live. You can choose either of them but not both.

  • Edit Your Ad
  • Appeal Disapproval Decision

You have only two options when your ad gets dismissed for hundreds of reasons and it’s important to use them wisely as you can see the odds are against you.

  1. Edit Your Ad

After disapproval, the first thing you should do is to check your mail. Facebook sends a mail to the advertisers explaining why have they rejected the ad. Read every line of the explanation and understand what changes they want you to make in the ad.

Normally, there are changes in the image text, ad copy, or other factors mentioned above. Make changes according to the instructions, save and submit it again. The ad is then reviewed by the team and soon it may go live.

  1. Appeal Disapproval Decision

If you are not satisfied with their explanation then you can appeal the decision. This way you are requesting Facebook to go through your ad again and permit the approval. For this process, go to the ad, click edit, a red box will pop up and in that box, there is an option to “ request review “. Click on it and tell them why your ad should go live.

After this, your ad will go through the manual review process. Hopefully, your ad will get approval and run it.

But if this does not happen, you have to take the option first and edit the ad as per their instructions. This is an easy step as mostly the problems get resolved after editing the ad.

Final Words

There you go, an ultimate guide on how to find out why Facebook ad not approved. It’s not as difficult as it seems because you only have to focus on the policies while making an ad. The policies are easy to understand, don’t forget those while creating the Facebook ad. But there’s no need to worry as you can read the policies again or Facebook itself will guide you to get approval for your ads.

Understanding why policies are important is beneficial to your business and for the platform as well. It indeed is a little frustrating because we are playing on away and the ground is theirs. So best of luck!




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